11.1 Stability of Columns

In questions below answer true or false.

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1. Column buckling can be caused by tensile axial forces.
2. Buckling occurs about an axis with minimum area moment of inertia of the cross section.
3. If buckling is avoided at the Euler buckling load by the addition of supports in the middle, then the column will not buckle.
4. By changing the supports at the column end, the critical buckling load can be changed.
5. The addition of uniform transversely distributed forces decreases the critical buckling load on a column.
6. The addition of springs in the middle of the column decreases the critical buckling load.
7. Eccentricity in loading decreases the critical buckling load.
8. Increasing the slenderness ratio increases the critical buckling load.
9. Increasing the eccentricity ratio increases the normal stress in a column
10. Material strength governs the failure of short columns and Euler buckling governs the failure of long columns.

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