Intermediate Mechanics of Materials

The Intermediate Mechanics of Materials, Second Edition  is described on this page. A condensed version of the book can be viewd for free.  A full version of the book along with solution manual is also available at low cost. Slides for teaching are available for free download on this link.

The primary difference between the free viewing online version and the low-cost copy are:

  1.  The free online version does not contain end of chapter problems.
  2. The free online version has the statement of example problems and their answers, but no detailed solutions

View the condensed version of the book for free.

Double click the link to view the condensed version of the book on Scribd.

  • Intermediate Mechanics of Materials – Condensed
  • I decided to make the solution manual available to students because it is next to impossible to maintain security of solution manuals even by large publishing companies. There are websites dedicated to obtaining solution manuals for any course for a price. The students can use the solution manual as additional examples, a practice followed in many first year courses. However it should be understood the solution manual was designed for the instructors and may prove challenging to students


    I published full version of the book. It is now available on

    SUPPLEMENTARY Chapter on Finite Element Method

    I had a request to include introduction to finite element method in the book. The simplest solution I found was to make Chapter 9: Finite Element Method available for free to accompany the second edition of this book. It is available on this page for free download.


    I have also created a set of supplementary problems for which there is no solution manual and can be obtained on request. The request form below should be filled only by instructors who are using the second edition of my Intermediate Mechanics of Materials as a textbook (not a reference book) in their class. The supplementary problems will be sent to your university e-mail address.

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