For Teachers

Described are two possible ways of using the self-tests in a course. I have used the first and heard of the use of the second method in a course.

(1) The tests account for 5% of students’ overall grade. To earn credit for each test, students must get at least 8 out of 10 right before the due date. If they meet the requirement they get 10 points for the test. Late submission result in 1 mark per day deduction. Expect most students to get 100% in the self-tests, but it would have served the purpose of emphasizing the important points in the text. To further check their understanding of the material, include questions from the self-tests in term exams. Note the multiple choice tests can be easily made into fill in the blank tests. The questions are easy to grade and reward the students who made genuine effort at understanding the materials.

(2) Another way of using these self-tests is what is popularly termed as flipping the class room. Students are assigned reading from the book and must take the self-tests before the class when material is covered. Again emphasize is not on the score on the test but on the effort made to learn the material.

There may be other ways of using these tests. I would appreciate your feedback on your experience in using them. Please send me your comments by emailing to .