Self Tests


The self-tests are designed to emphasize important points in the book.Currently the self-tests are available for the Introductory and Intermediate Mechanics of Materials. These self-tests can  be accessed directly from the drop down menu on the self-test tab or clicking on the links below.

Introductory Mechanics of Materials Self-Tests

Intermediate Mechanics of Materials Self-Tests

Test Takers

Test takers can be self-learners or registered students in a course established by an instructor as described below in the  section called Teachers.  When test takers submit their answers, two things happen. First, a page opens up showing the the score the taker has earned (i.e. “5 out of 10″). Second, an e-mail is sent to the test taker with their score and a link to view the correct answers with explanations. There are no limits on the number of times the test can be taken.


Teachers can upload names of students in a grade book, in which case the student grades will be recorded. The grade book can be downloaded and grades processed as per the individual grading scheme. To maintain security of the grade books a teacher must fill request access form.  I have used the self-tests for the Intermediate Mechanic of Materials. On the page ‘For Teachers‘ I describe some of the ways these self-tests can be used. Students had a very positive learning experience  and the page ‘Student Feedback‘ lists comments from a survey that was conducted before the grade book was created. The grade book and the self-tests can be used for free. You can use the links below or go directly from the drop down menu in the tab of Self Tests.

For Teachers

Student Feedback.