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A template of a grade book that record the results of self-tests has been created. It is available to teachers at universities free of charge. The students registered by the teacher take the tests as described under the tab “Self-tests” at no charge. This access request needs to be filled only once to use all the grade books now and in the future.

To ensure security of the grade books, efforts will be made to check if the professor resides at the university specified in the form below.

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All efforts have been made to make the grade books secure. But in this day and age where even USA defense department can be hacked it is impossible to warrant 100% security. All efforts have been made to ensure correct recording of the grades, but all computer programs are susceptible to computer bugs. Please inform us about any errors or problems you detect.

By submitting this form you agree to not hold us responsible for security breach or error in the free grade books.

Grade book access approval will be sent by e-mail. The e-mail will be from CGI-Mailer. The e-mail will describe the process forward.